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I’ve added captures of Emma in the several trailers of upcoming movie ‘This is the End’! Most of them are a like because they feature the same scenes but here they are anyway :)!

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Gallery Links:
Film Productions > This is the End (2013) > Screencaptures > Trailer #1
Film Productions > This is the End (2013) > Screencaptures > Trailer #2

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Added new movie stills of the Bling Ring to the gallery!

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Gallery Link:
Film Productions > The Bling Ring (2013) > Movie Stills
Film Productions > The Bling Ring (2013) > Behind the Scenes

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I adopted this site a while ago, and I noticed that a lot of photos of Emma were missing from the gallery! I decided to update everything. This is part 1 of the big gallery update! You can click on a thumbnail to see the whole set of the photos! There are photos from Public Appearances, Magazine Scans and Photoshoots! Part 2 will follow later. Hope you enjoy this and let me know if you find anything else missing!

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Emma is featured in the May issue of GQ! Here is a photoshoot outtake and the full set of magazine scans! Enjoy!
(For the photoshoot she is in character for the Bling Ring btw!)

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Gallery Link:
Magazine Scans > 2013 > GQ – May 2013
Photoshoots > Photoshoots from 2013 > Session 003

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EmmaTussaudsAs one of the most in-demand designers on planet fashion – he recently provided Countess Stephanie de Lannoy with a wedding dress complete with four-metre train, and dressed half her guests – Elie Saab isn’t short of wealthy supporters.

But his work is about to be in closer reach of the public as a waxwork of British actress Emma Watson was unveiled at Madame Tussauds today. Positioned on a chaise longue, the Harry Potter starlet’s likeness sports a sequin-bodiced, tulle-skirted design by Saab which she wore in real life in December 2011.

Watson picked the backless dress to attend a junket for cosmetics giant Lancôme, who signed her up as one of its celebrity faces.
The house of Elie Saab confirmed that it has donated the autumn/winter 2011 dress to preserve Watson’s waxwork modesty.

Source: Telegraph

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An award for her hard work? Hermione Granger would be proud.

Emma Watson will receive the second-ever MTV Trailblazer Award at the MTV Movie Awards in a few weeks, the network announced today. (Emma Stone won the title last year.) MTV said in a statement that Watson “endeared herself to fans as one of the most beloved and iconic characters of her generation. She’s been a constant presence in the lives of our audience for more than a decade and is continuing to challenge her craft with upcoming roles as radically diverse as her enormous talent.”

We agree – and thought up five more reasons why she’s our favorite.

1.) She’s a good sport about the Harry Potter stuff. Obviously we all love Hermione Granger, but after over a decade, who could blame her if she didn’t want to constantly hear “Five points for Gryffindor!” jokes. But that doesn’t mean she won’t play along. Evidence: This adorable photo of Watson on Halloween this year, introducing herself as Hermione to a pint-sized fan dressed up as Harry.

2.) Much like her Potter cohorts, Watson has picked diverse and interesting projects post-Hogwarts. In addition to her MTV Movie Award-nominated performance in Perks of Being A Wallflower, she’ll star with Russell Crowe in Noah, about the building of the arc, and she’ll next appear in The Bling Ring, directed by Sofia Coppola.

3.) The interview in which she charmingly informs David Letterman “I’ve been drunk!”

4.) This recent tweet where she discusses that she will not, in fact, play Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

5.) Although we’re also partial to this recent self-deprecating tweet:

Here’s hoping she breaks out a matching ‘Star’ sweater to wear Apr. 14 when she accepts the Trailblazer award.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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