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2013 Teen Choice Awards Nominations got out and Emma is once again nominated. This time nomination is Best Drama Actress for her role as Sam in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. The movie itself got more nominations for Best Drama Film and Best Drama Actor for Logan Lerman.

Make sure to vote for Emma, Logan and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” daily.


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I updated the gallery with a couple of “This is The End” stills with Emma and some official posters of the film (sadly without Emma).


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In this clip Emma meets up with James, Seth, Danny, Craig, Jay & Jonah and declares it’s a Zombie invasion:

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As you can see I updated both main site and gallery designs with some fresh ones, yes our gallery was with the same design since the opening of the site 3 years ago, it was definitely time for a new one.  Hope you like them.

Also I’m working on small gallery updates mostly focusing on Emma’s projects at the moment. So I updated “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” with missing stills and posters and also updated old stills with higher quality versions.


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posted on Mat 16th, 2013 by hollywoodreporter.com

The British actress says she gorged on reality TV for her role in Sofia Coppola’s festival sidebar film.

CANNES – It is the first, and possibly the last, time that work by the Kardashians, Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad all have been cited collectively as essential research for a film at Cannes.

Particularly surprising is the person doing the research: Emma Watson, best known as Hermione in the Harry Potter films. The British actress gorged on reality TV for her role as Nicki, a high-schooler-turned-burglar in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring.

“I watched a lot of Kardashians, I watched a lot of Paris Hilton, I watched some of The Hills, and then really I was just trying to understand [Nicki’s] psychology,” said Watson. “Because you might easily have made Nicki feel like a parody … and somehow I had to understand and empathize with her and really that was my biggest challenge second to getting the accent down.”

Her reality confession came at the press conference for the film, unspooling as the opening-night gala screening for Un Certain Regard. Coppola’s portrait of fame-seeking students who robbed celebrities’ homes – including that of Hilton, who has a cameo in the film – was inspired by true events.

Coppola said neither Hilton nor Lindsay Lohan (another victim of the thieves) had yet seen the film “as far as I know,” adding, “I believe Paris Hilton might be coming tonight.” American Israel Broussard, who plays young thief Marc, got a laugh when he confessed to having to learn to pronounce various designer names including “Dior” properly.

For her part, Coppola said she had no misgivings about returning to Cannes after the lukewarm reception her 2006 movie Marie Antoinette received. “I’m always very happy to show a movie here,” said Coppola. “Cannes seems an appropriate place for Bling.


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Actress Emma Watson has spoken of the perils of celebrity, as she warns the “full time job” of creating a brand to stay in the headlines is totally different to her “craft”.

The actress Emma Watson has spoken of the perils of celebrity, as she warns the “full time job” of creating a brand to stay in the headlines is totally different from her “craft”.

Watson, who is appearing at the Cannes Film Festivalto promote her new film The Bling Ring, said she wanted people to understand the distinction between actors and the celebrities of reality television.

Saying celebrity had become a “weird job description”, she added it was now “totally a full time job”.

Speaking in Cannes, she disclosed she had spent time watching American reality television to research her role, of a would-be model living in LA.

The film, directed by Sofia Coppola, tells the true story of a gang of privileged teenagers who break into the homes of the rich and famous they idolise.

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CANNES — Harry Potter star Emma Watson shows off a new celeb-obsessed personality and a specific Los Angeles accent in The Bling Ring.

But her fans will be interested to see that Sofia Coppola’s new film features a fully-clothed Watson performing a brief but memorable show on Paris Hilton’s stripper pole dance floor.

The British actress insists she needs some work on the sultry maneuvers.

“If you watched the film, I’m hardly a pro pole dancer,” Watson said on Friday, promoting The Bling Ring at the Cannes Film Festival where it premiered. “I actually look pretty bad doing it.”

But the 23-year-old actress is turning over a new page following the last Harry Potter film in 2011 and taking on more provocative roles. The Bling Ring focuses on a group of celeb-obsessed Los Angeles kids who use the internet to track their favorite celebrities so they can rob their Hollywood homes of designer goods.

Director Coppola is impressed with Watson’s “transformation” in the film, insisting that the pole dancing was necessary to reflect Watson’s real-life character.

“The pole dancing exercises was part of that culture,” said Coppola. “I wanted to show that whole universe.”

The former child star is growing up as a human being and learning about herself in the process.

“You sort of accept certain things about your personality,” Watson said of growing older. “I don’t need to beat myself up about not wanting to go out (at night). I thought there was something quite peculiar about me because I was this insular person. But that’s just how I am. You learn to be okay with the way you are.”

That new found acceptance does not include ordering a stripper pole for her own home.

“Shockingly no,” Watson laughed, when asked about getting her own pole. “But who knows? Anything can happen. I might be totally different in a year.”

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